Monday, June 27, 2011

She Arrived!

~Allison Cynthia Later~

Born June 21st 2011 at 12:51 PM
7 pounds 8 ounces
20 1/2 inches

Trenton meets Allison...

Putting his hand print on the hospital walls to claim he is a big brother...

Bringing Allison home...

I couldn't be happier to have these two.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I am trying to find the words to sum up this pregnancy; how about LONG! This pregnancy seemed to last forever. Maybe because the first trimester was not as easy as my first pregnancy with Trenton. I was miserable with indigestion to the point where I didn't want to cook, bake, or even be around foods that I usually love. I just wanted to lay on the couch and feel bad for myself. But I really can't complain because that was the worst of it. And I got through it.

Second trimester was great. I made up for not eating by baking a batch of cookies and eating all of them myself on several occasions. I got a little bit tired of people telling me I didn't look pregnant because I definitely felt pregnant. I stayed fairly active, working at Fitness Together 2x's a week and taking Trent to parks or just chasing him around a grocery store. I jogged a 5k pushing Trent in a stroller at the end of this trimester which seemed to start the achy pain down my sciatic nerve in my right leg.

Third trimester is always the longest. My energy level was up and traveling to California was a good distraction for us. I was tired of crossing my legs and clenching every time that I sneezed, coughed or walked too fast in hopes that I would not have to change my pants. I started some serious baby preparation! I often had a list of things I wanted Deven to help me with. (I wonder how annoying that got?) We took Trent's changing table and crib away, which meant teaching him to sleep on a "big boy bed", and started potty training him (I can dream can't I). I began a serious research on baby girl crib bedding and nursery themes, and organizing boxes of clothes generously given to me by some girlfriends who claim not to need them anymore. I was nervous about the delivery but was more nervous about what Trent and I would do without each other while I was in the hospital with a new baby!

Carrying Trent and a baby... I wont miss that.
Deven loved to take flattering pictures of me sitting like this. I think I have a dozen.
I don't miss this belly... maybe just a little bit.

Friday, June 10, 2011

May Happenings

The Teerlink Ranch

We had two weddings to attend in California this month so Trent and I decided to make a two week trip out of it and stay at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Deven was of course there for the weddings but had to fly home in between. Oh how I love the ranch this time of year, and this horse...
Our homemade "Dodge City" finally blew over in a storm but I managed to do a quick photo shoot of Trent with what remaines of it.

Trenton loves his Grandpa! He will follow him around the house begging him for attention. And since Grandpa is a busy man, sometimes Trent got left behind with some pretty big shoes to fill...

...Then Grandpa would make it up to him with a tractor ride, playing on the swings or building a fire.

Grandma is still a kid at heart so she was a wonderful playmate for Trenton. She would go outside with him, sometimes for hours, to plant flowers and tomatoes, water the gardens or just play in the grass. If they wern't outside in the dirt, they were inside dancing or making a mess of her desk.

Jared and Sabrina's Wedding

Deven and I have been so excited to attend this wedding because 1. we had not met Sabrina, 2. they got married in Sacramento which is right next to where Deven served his mission so we were able to take a drive down "memory lane." 3. Trent got to interact with his fun cousins, and 4. we love getting together with family for joyous occations!

Boating With the Boys

Deven has a pretty cool calling as a counselor in the Young Men's presidency. The boys are always scheming up something fun to do like boating at Lake Summerville, and Deven has become quite the wakeboarding pro. Trent had a blast watching the YM and imitating them. He thinks he is so much older than he is.

...practicing his wakeboarding

Whenever Trent talks about his boating experience he will yell "hit it" like the boys were instructed to do when they were ready for the boat to pull them. Occasionally he will yell "hit it" when I accelerate the car.

Pool Parties & BBQ'n

This is how we plan on getting through the Houston hot summer; lots of water toys in the backyard, BBQ's with friends and short hair cuts!

Our Family Favorites

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