Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Road Trip

We decided to road trip to Idaho to see the Laters for Christmas this year.  It was a grand total of 22 hours of driving, broken up into 3 days.  Night one we stayed in Albuquerque.  Night two we stayed at my grandparents house in Provo and were able to see a lot of family there.  We also made a quick appearance at the Hemsley's baby blessing and Deven's grandparent's house.  Then we made our final drive to Idaho Falls to see these cute kids!...  Tyler, Ethan, Hanna, and the twins Owen and Abram. 

Of course the first thing we had to do was play in all of that snow that showed up on the same night that we did.  While Deven and his brothers worked diligently on building an igloo for the kids, I made sure that when they finally came inside, there were cups of hot coco and apple cider waiting to warm them up.  
Probably the cutest nativity scene I have ever seen!  On Christmas eve each kid got to open one present and then we talked them into performing the biblical Christmas story while uncle Ryan read it.  Trenton didn't want to be Joseph until we let him where the sunglasses.  Allison stole the show as the Angel... But after the production she decided to practice her role as Mary... for next time.  
Christmas morning whet something like this:  No time to change out of our pajamas or eat breakfast!  Open presents from Santa... and grandma... and grandpa... and their Aunts and Uncles... and their other grandparents...  Then the kids and adults alike played with all of their new toys!  Of course we eventually made and ate the traditional Ebelskeebers.  

We did a couple of sledding trips while we were there.  The kids were fearless and loved it!

Although it was not quite the same, they even practiced sledding when we got back home to Texas.  We are sure glad we made the trip to see our fun family and build memorable traditions with our kids.

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