Friday, December 30, 2011

Thanksgiving at the Later's

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Ryan and Kali's new house in Idaho Falls. It was the perfect place for family to meet and spend some quality time visiting, playing and of course eating. I especially love the interaction of Deven and his outgoing brothers.
Ryan & Kali
I still don't know how these two make parenting 5 children look so easy, and still have time to read the Twilight series, go on dates, and become master card game players. Deven and I loved their "routine" and aspire to be fun parents like them some day.
Jared & Sabrina
We couldn't be happier that Jared and Sabrina got married this year and that we were able to get to spend some time with this busy couple. They are both so easy going and fun, so naturally the kids gravitate to them.
Loren, Elisa & Natalie
I really admire how Loren and Elisa put family first. They will travel anywhere, anytime to be with family and always make you feel loved.
Laura & Greg
It was especially exciting to see Laura and Greg who we hadn't seen for a while. Laura is so easy to talk to. She'll never forget a birthday or underestimate the importance of a simple conversation.
Grandma & Grandpa Later
Deven's grandmother can make anything by hand and is always smiling. On this trip we had some of their personally caught, homemade tuna and Deven went to the gym to workout with Grandpa.
Hanna Ethan
Tyler Owen & Abram
Trenton Allison

Check out Ethan licking his plate! He was cracking me up.
Allison was in baby heaven with all of the attention she was getting and Trenton couldn't get enough of the giant play room full of toys.
It is so fun to have cousins!
Deven, his Dad and brothers always come up with a few friendly competitions amongst themselves to keep them entertained. This year it was throwing darts n the garage and foosball in the basement. These boys earned their nap on the couch.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fall Fun

I love this time of the year as we enter into the holiday season. It is a nice change from the repetitively long, hot summer days. In October we went to the Oil Ranch with the play group so Trenton could chase chickens and ride the train and Allison could meet some farm animals.

We love pumpkins!... and it has become Deven's goal to find a pumpkin big enough to fit a child into. We did this with Trent when he was 3 months old...

A new forming tradition thanks to my girlfriends... carmel apples.

Trenton was going to be a fireman for Halloween so the rest of the family improvised to stay in theme. I have often referred to Allison as a firecracker so she was appropriately dressed as fire.
Trunk or Treat is usually the only trick or treating we do but this year we went out on Halloween night with a group of friends so Trenton could get the "real" experience. I hadn't been trick or treating since I was in grade school so it was so fun for me to go now as a parent. I love everything about trick or treating except for the bag of candy you end up with at the end of the night. I'm going to have to learn how to get rid of it without us consuming it.

Our Family Favorites

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