Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Few Months of Family Fun

CB&I Triathlon 

Not long after the Ironman race, Deven did a sprint triathlon in The Woodlands, Texas.  His biggest fans were there to cheer him on.

Allison was just getting the hang of walking and wanted to show off to the athletic crowd.  She ran around the grass field in front of the stage and band, desperately trying to keep up with her big brother.  I was happy to have another place for them to wear the "Go Dad" T-Shirts I made them!

Backyard Fix-Up

Over the past several months we (and by we I mean Deven) have been redoing our back yard.  Originally Deven was just going to roadatil and lay sawed... but then he decided to outline what a patio would look like... then he decided to fill it with cement... and so on.  

  Oh, how I do not miss this mud! Trenton does.

Most importantly, it now makes a better backdrop for pictures of the kids. =) 
We planted two pots of tomatoes on the patio and they were a success!  Our watermelon, and cantaloup were not.  Our zucchini and cucumber are still growing.  These were the first tomatoes of many to come...

Beach Trip

  On Memorial Day weekend we took on the crowds and head down to Galvasten for a little beach BBQ'n and relax'n.  We were in good company with several other fun families that went with us.  Oh yes, and the seaweed... we cannot forget the smelly seaweed.


We finally took our trip to NASA.  Trenton and I have been checking out a lot of books on space exploration at the library (his idea) so this was great timing for him.

Superhero Craze

Trenton's homemade superhero costumes were a big hit.  Again I must blame library books for sparking his interest in superheros.  He knows where the superhero books are in the kid section of the library and always wants me to read them to him.  He knows way too much about superheros!  

Allison on the other hand has been enjoying necklaces and dressing up in "girly clothes".  She also just loves watching her superhero big brother and will join in on his games.  Usually Trenton gives her the role of the "bad guy" or "princess".

It is fun to see them become friends as they get older.

"Mammaw" Moved

 Kelsay was our neighbor who quickly became a part of our family.  As soon as Trenton started walking he would make his way over to her house and head straight for her pantry where she kept his cookies.  She called it "cupboard love".  We were sad she moved but she is healthy and happy and we keep in touch.     

Fathers Day

 We love Dad.

Our Family Favorites

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