Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baby it's Cold Outside

I wanted to take a few pictures of Allison in the snow for her baby book... unfortunately there was no snow in Provo, but it was plenty cold! So we quickly took her out to snap some fun pictures.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

There was a lot of built up anticipation for Christmas this year because 6 month old Allison was going to meet her grandparents, aunt and uncles and most importantly her 9 month old cousin Aspen! We unpacked our bags from Thanksgiving, set up our Christmas tree, train and lights, and packed back up to go to Utah for Christmas.
We love our home but these special people were worth the trip...
And I was dying for these 3 babies to meet!
Yes, I finally gave in to the oversized flower trend.
We went ice skating with the family so we could see Cody show off his newly acquired skating skills. Maybe our kids are a little bit young, but I would love for this to become a tradition.
What a great group of men!
Taylor and Bryan are so fun to hang out with-- they are up for anything. And since they are visiting from Switzerland, we spent a lot of time with them while they were in town.
I didn't think we were going to get skates on my mom but look at her! I really have cute parents.
Allison and Aspen at Build A Bear.
Taylor and I had no idea how much pressure it was going to be to build the perfect "cousin bears". But I think they turned out adorable!
I love bath-time-babies!
The night before Christmas.
Christmas morning...
The boys played with their helicopters and the girls played games on the table.
Deven played card games with my grandma several times while we were there. It really got her thinking and smiling!
We went bowling late one night while my Mom and Dad watched Allison. (I didn't know she was going to be crying the whole time.) We had a great time watching uncle Cody bowl like a crazy man.
This was Trenton's first time bowling...
...and he got a strike!
Trenton was the happiest 2 year old in the world when uncle Cody took him for a ride on his motorcycle and Great Grandpa Phyl took him on the 4 wheeler.
He had Parker to play with him and an extra baby to bug.
And Allison was happy to have a new play mate and to be held all day long by her big loving family.
We love our family!

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