Friday, May 14, 2010

He's a Good Dad

Deven had a birthday and his first Fathers Day recently so I thought I should compose a blog post featuring his awesomeness! Here are some of the many reasons Trent and I love hanging out with him so much:

He loves the outdoors. We took Trent on an overnight camping trip at the Huntsville State Park with a couple of good friends. I love knowing my man can build a shelter (tent) and keep us fed (smores) in the wilderness. Although he was a pro fisherman in Alaska, he didn’t have any luck with those little fish in Huntsville. Trent ate his share of dirt and endured the trip like a champ!

He has a sweet tooth. …Which made it easy for me to know to make his favorite chocolate bundt cake on his 28th birthday. He wont waste his time with candy. He goes for the Blue Bell ice cream and the decadent cakes, pies, cookies and brownies! We were made for each other.

He likes sports and family outings. For his birthday we went to Trent and my first pro baseball game. Go Astros! I love that he knows just enough about sports to answer my questions, but doesn’t obsess over any team or stats.

He loves kids, and kids love him! Whenever we get together with friends or family, you can count on the kids swarming around Deven (or maybe it is the other way around). He is just the right mixture of fun and goofy. Like most babies Trent is a “mama’s boy”, but as soon as Deven gets home from work and takes his first steps inside, Trent looks up really quick and starts smiling and giggling when he sees it’s his dad.

He is a great teacher and Mr Fix It. He has already taught Trent how to replace the shocks and drive the car along with countless other tasks. He likes to learn and read educational books, or adventure books to Trent. He’s dang good at Jeopardy too!

In addition to being a great Dad and husband... he is a Triathlete! He has participated in 2 sprint triathlons in the past year and is quite the competitor. I love that we love fitness together and get to teach Trent to love it as well.

He makes us happy.Trent and I are lucky to have such a great Dad and husband.

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