Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Too much fun to be had

I guess when Deven got through with "busy season" we thought we had to make up for lost time and go on adventures every weekend. Not to mention we are trying to check off our "things to do" list before baby # 2 arrives in June!

Rockets Game
We scored some Rockets tickets in March from a neighbor and decided against the idea of getting a babysitter. I'm glad we brought Trent for a trip downtown Houston to see his first pro basketball game. But never mind the NBA players right in front of us... Trent was more interested in Clutch the mascot!

Deven and I couldn't stop laughing about how emotionally invested Trent had become in this big bear. When Clutch walked by, Trent would start reaching for him and almost break down into a cry. He probably would have gone home with him if he could have.

Deven, the best dad ever, took Trent to the Rockets souvenir store at half time and bought him an over priced Clutch bear. He fell asleep on the way home cuddling his new friend.

The Houston Zoo
A lot of my friends and I have been planning fun little trips for the kids during the week to enjoy the beautiful weather Houston has to offer before it gets too hot and humid. Here are some fun pictures from the Zoo:

And who can resist the billy goats in the petting zoo? Trent is fearless around animals. Probably because we have a crazy cat at home.

The Aquarium
Another week we went downtown to The Aquarium. It has a lot of fun things for the kids to do aside from walking through a huge aquarium. We rode a Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, jumped in a bounce house, watched them feed the tiger in the white tiger exhibit, and went on a train ride into a shark tank... twice. Phew... by that time us three pregnant ladies had enough!

San Antonio ~ Sea World
A few weekends ago Deven and two other guys planned a trip to San Antonio for the families to enjoy. One of our friends parents has a condo over there that we all stayed in for 2 nights. Thursday night was basketball night. Friday was Sea World. Saturday was early morning golf for the boys and outlet shopping for the girls.
Unfortunately I didn't have my camera to capture all of the picture perfect moments at Sea World... but this is what I got with my half working camera on my phone:

We had so much fun at Sea World and with our friends! I'm still kicking myself for not having a camera but good memories will do. I hope we have opportunities to do little trips like this throughout our lives.

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