Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lake Travis

At the end of September we were invited by our friends to go visit their lake house on Lake Travis for a weekend.  This was, 15 month old, Allison's first time on a boat and my first attempt at wake boarding. 
Trenton is becoming a mini Deven.  Can you tell?
Deven has become a really good wakeboarder over the past couple of years much due to his involvement in the Young Men's program.  Lucky for me, he is also a really good coach so I was able to get up on my first try.    
Trenton cracks me up.  He has no fear and an endless amount of energy.  
However, I think all of the excitement of being out on the lake all day finally caught up with him.
We had 9 kids there among our 3 families.  
We couldn't have asked for a better set up.  Deven frequently talks about owning a boat that would allow more family outings like this.  And I have to admit that after spending a few days on the lake, the idea is growing on me.  (We better start saving our pennies!)
We are so blessed to have wonderful friends to enjoy outings like this with.  We hope to have many more weekends like this in the future!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer of Seals IV

 It was yet another successful year of Summer of Seals.  It was held in a new location this year but the structure of the competition remained the same. ( 500 Meter Swim, max Push Ups, max Sit Ups, max Pull Ups, 1.5 Mile Run )  There were around 150 participants and 30 volenteers the day of the event.  Because I was a participant this year, I wasn’t able to take pictures during the event but you can just imagine all of the blood, sweat and tears that go into organizing and competing in the event.  For more information on the event visit the Summer of Seals Facebook page.   

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