Saturday, February 19, 2011

Amazing Race ~ Valentines Edition

Deven and I often discuss what, if any, reality show we would want to participate in. Survivor and Amazing Race are usually mentioned. So when my girlfriends asked me if I wanted to participate in this "amazing" valentines date idea, I had no problem avoiding the repetitive nature of my chocolate dipped goodies and heart shaped cookies.

The idea behind it was to have our husbands out finding clues and completing valentines related tasks while we were cooking dinner and eating chocolate fondue. (Well the fondue just kind of happened.) My favorite part; the men had to wear I Love My Wife t-shirts and the women wore I Love My Hubby t-shirts. The fun part: the Williams house full of kids. Between the 7 couples that participated... we had 25 kids at their house!

Their first clue led them to the local High School's track and field where they were instructed to make their wife a homemade valentines card using the materials provided. Once they took a picture of their final product (above) and sent it to our phone, we text them the next clue.

Now that you're out of breath, you've completed your task.
Return to the place where, with our love, you can bask.
Obey all the traffic signs and drive with care.
For if you do, kisses will be waiting for you there.

Those are chocolate kisses. At least 10 bags worth. They were instructed to find the kisses with the stickers on the bottom (we had only place 7 stickers). The catch was that they had to eat each one that they picked up that did not have a sticker on the bottom. These poor boys ate sooo many chocolate kisses!

Their next clue sent them to another house where they had to make their wives candy necklaces and play a little basketball of course. Deven said that when it came to necklace making, he was the worst, and Jake was the best. :) Their next clue was:

Your wife's favorite candy bar, you will see
when you return to the house at 9923.
Arrange them correctly, you must get it right,
or you will be staring at candy all night!

Again, their next clue sent them back to the house (we had to make sure we saw our men a little bit on Valentine's Day). They only completed the task if everyone was correct.

The night was getting late; we had hungry husbands and cranky kids, so we cut out the last task which would have taken them another 30 minutes at least. The ladies served up a delicious garlic chicken dinner with an awesome cesar salad. Mini multan chocolate cakes for dessert. I don't think anyone was disappointed.

These ladies are so much fun to hang out with. They all have qualities I would love to have as a mother, wife and amazing women. April hosted the whole event in her beautiful home and didn't let a detail go untouched. Thanks ladies for being my valentines!

Somehow this is the best family picture of the night. I love my crazy boys!

Okay, maybe I did still bake up a valentines storm in my kitchen. I think I used Valentines Day as an excuse to make yummy treats all week so that my 5 month baby belly could indulge a little bit. I made heart shaped rice crispy treats, heart shaped jello (for the kids at the Williams house) and a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. I won't even mention the festive peanut M & M's that filled the candy dish all week. Yum!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's a...

The night before our 20 week ultrasound appointment I told Deven that the anticipation of finding out if it we are having a boy or girl felt like going to bed before Christmas morning. But this gift is more precious and exciting than any beautifully wrapped present under the tree. I could hardly sleep, I woke up an hour earlier than normal, showered, read my scriptures, got a load of laundry going, ate a full breakfast and did my makeup before I got in the car. Can't say that that happens every morning.

Trent waited not so patiently in the doctors office with Deven and I to find out which sign he was going to send to his grandparents, aunts, and uncles with the news.

Then finally!...

I am sooo excited-- Deven, a little nervous. I definitely wanted a girl, but when she told us it was a girl I must admit I was sad that Trenton didn't get a brother and I don't get to add to my collection of "boys" as I refer to Deven and Trent as "my boys". But YAY for baby girls! Taylor, my sister, is having a girl 3 months earlier than us so they will be best friends! (If we can ever live on the same continent.) So happy today!

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