Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Allison lately

Allison. She is a crazy baby. I thought Trenton was moody... but my 5 month old baby girl takes the cake on this one. She will be just like her big brother in 2 years.
Oh, the hair. Her funny hair. We've debated cutting it, but I think it gives her character.

She has been consistently in the 40th percentile for weight and 50th for height. We introduced solid foods but she is not taking to them very well. A spoon or two is usually all she will eat before she throws a fit and tries to escape the bumbo by arching her back and throwing her head back. She wakes up about 3 times a night. She loves bouncing, meeting new faces, diaper changes and baths, Lilly our cat, and when Trenton talks to her.

We love watching her personality develop. She definitely keeps us on our toes.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trenton lately

This is Trenton today. He has a huge personality that keeps me guessing what each day will bring. Two years old is a fun and challenging age because he is still so innocent, very influential, and very stubborn as he exercises his new found independence.

He has been to a couple baseball games and has become obsessed with his baseball bat. He goes through phases where he will carry a football or basketball around with him wherever we go. His favorite team is BYU.

As any kid should, he loves working with his hands... and making messes. Play-doh, accompanied with any other household tool, makes for a fun and creative mess... I mean masterpiece.

I am always telling Trenton not to make messes so an occasional mud bath in the back yard is therapeutic for a wild 2 year old. I think these are some of my favorite pictures I've ever taken.

This scooter taught me how coordinated and determined Trenton is. No amount of skinned knees would stop him from keeping up with his neighborhood friend. I love it when these two play together!

I am learning how to adapt my parenting depending on the mood he is in... and oh boy is he moody! He has this "cool kid" attitude that cracks me up, the sneaky, looking for trouble attitude, turbo hyper, and the typical angry temper tantrums that sneak in a few times a week. Got to love it.

He loves to wear hats and has become very picky about what he wears. Mostly he just wants to wear shorts, a T-shirt and his "jogging shoes".

He loves our neighbor Kelsay. He visits with her almost everyday. She calls it "cupboard love" because he will usually end up in front of her pantry and say "I need something" and she will bend over backwards to accommodate him. She always shares her treats with him, has pictures of him up in her house, has a special little chair and cup for him to use, a closet of toys and records cartoons for him.

A few other things he can't live without: his Teddy, blue blanket, chocolate milk, mickey mouse clubhouse. We love you Trenton. You make us smile.

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