Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blue Bell Fun Run 2011

This picture pretty much sums it up. The Blue Bell Fun Run is a 5 and 10k run held annually in the hills of Brenham, TX which we have participated in for the past 4 years. The main reason we participate; all you can eat Blue Bell ice cream after the race! If you don't know Blue Bell ice cream... you don't know Texas or my husband, Deven. Brenham is home to the Blue Bell Factory and feels like it is out in the middle of nowhere but is a beautiful drive through fields that are now blooming with bluebonnets and other wildflowers.

My claim to fame this year is that I finished the race... and that was the extent of my goal. I am now 7 1/2 months pregnant and was pushing Trent in a stroller up and down hills. The hardest part was trying not to hit one of the 3,000 + participants with the stroller. I would do it again though. I love the atmosphere of events like this.
His reward for sitting in the stroller for 40 minutes... lots of ice cream. What a healthy breakfast!

Deven conquered the 10k and almost finished it in the same amount of time it took Trent and I to run the 5k. He is now preparing for the CB&I triathlon that will take place in a few weeks.

We'll be back next year! Maybe Trent will be able to participate in the kids 1 mile event!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Somewhere in March we squeezed in a trip to the Houston Rodeo. We only bought tickets for the livestock and carnival because we knew there was going to be more than enough to do. These pictures will justify my reasoning.

As we walked through the carnival we stopped at little events going on like piglet racing / swimming, camel rides, Disney dance concert, and kids riding sheep. This picture captured some of the action:

He is getting too big for me to carry!

Oh, how he loves "twac-tus".

The Livestock petting zoo, complete with; deer, lamas, pigs, sheep and goats. There was something that looked like a kangaroo there too. Interesting.

Can you get any more precious? Trent gave this baby goat a kiss! Maybe not the most sanitary thing... but so cute. He really is an affectionate boy when it comes to his mom, dad, teddy bears and animals.

As we were walking into the carnival area a couple offered us their "fun pass". We used it to get on a few rides and play a carnival game. Thanks strangers!

We resisted the "Texas-Sized Turkey Legs, Outlaw Burgers & Pizza On a Stick" and dove into this delicious funnel cake instead. Man, was that a good choice! I was planning on eating the whole thing myself but decided to share with the boys.

I love these cowboys!

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