Friday, October 22, 2010

The Oil Ranch

I just love this time of year! I love pulling out seasonal/holiday decorations and lighting scented candles. I love baking treats and cooking a warm pot of goodness. I love that the weather cools down but is not cold. And I especially love introducing Trent to the changes each season brings.

There is an organized play group from our ward that meets once a week that we always miss because I am training a client at Fitness Together. However, in the event of The Oil Ranch field trip, I made arrangements to make it happen. What is the Oil Ranch you say? I think I took enough pictures to fill you in...

I really wanted to go on the pony ride, but it was probably more fun to walk along side the pony and watch the excitment on Trent's face.

On the hay ride a tractor pulled us out to a pasture of cows while holding onto a few tasty cow pelates. The cows were a little too friendly... nibbling on fingers and toes... and Trent got a little scared.

Trent really loves older kids. He is quick in mimicking there sounds and actions.

I learned something new about Trent. He LOVES choo choo trains.

Trent is now a pro and making a variety of animal noises!
Happy pumpkin patch days!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Few Fantastic Pictures

In September we did our first family pictures. Even though Trent was 13 months, I consider them his "12th month portrait." Our friend April did a wonderful job capturing Trent's unique smile and personality with her photography. I just love them!

Thanks April for a few fantastic pictures!

Monday, October 18, 2010

You had to be there... moments

There are so many times I try to capture funny moments I have with Trent... but what it comes down to is... you just had to be there. From his cute dances and songs to poop incidences in the bath or running down the hall without a diaper! I guess some moments are more precious than others, but they're all equally worth remembering. While this blog is not a complete synopsis of our life, it has become a journal of pictures of fun moments I want to remember.

This has become a regular occurrence in our front yard, but I usually try to keep it under control and his clothes dry. However, every once and a while I just let him be the wild little boy that he is. He acts so much older than 13 months!

Are you serious?!
This picture makes me think he is going to be a good football player. It looks like he has a football tucked in his arm and he's running for the end zone.

His clothes were so heavy and wet that I stripped him down completely on our front porch before I let him in the house. Then he finished playing with the water in the bath tub.

Deven loves to make smoothies all year long and he has learned that it is wise to make some extra for his "mini me".
Kelsay and Trent reading a book.

Possibly Trent's favorite toy: my William Sinoma mixing bowls. He wears them as a hard hat, builds towers with them or just moves them from room to room filling them with stuff and then mixes it up with a spatula.

I wonder who could have made this mess in my pantry? Good thing I have amazing detective skills. (Notice the size 4 foot prints)

Lilly is getting too comfortable with Trent and his meal time schedule. Trent will now drop food onto the floor when he sees her walk by. I hope he didn't learn this from me.

This is an annual fundraiser at Deven's work in which he participates in the dunk tank. Oh yes, coworkers will spend good money to dunk this auditor. Tent started to get really nervous to see his dad getting balls thrown at him until he was able to check it out and dunk his dad by hitting the lever himself.

I just wish you could have been there!

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