Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Saratoga Car Show

 For the past 3 years my Dad has organized the Saratoga Cool Car Club, car show.  It has become a huge success for down town Saratoga and a fun way to get the community together.  Here are the boys who make it happen each year...


While Trenton and I were walking around checking out all of "Grandpa's really fast cars", two firemen asked Trenton if he would like to see the fire station.  He was in heaven as the fire fighters pulled out their tools and gadgets and let him climb all over the firetruck during his private tour.  They even carried him around on the stretcher.  It was a fun, unexpected Mommy-son date.   
 My Mom, who luckily was not involved in planning the car show, had time to spare that week.  So we took a day trip to Gliroy Gardens. We had never been there before so it was a fun adventure for us all. 
 I may or may not have snuck Trenton on the largest roller coaster at the park.  He may or may not have loved it!
Thanks Mom and Dad for a fun week!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Quick Summer Trip to The Ranch

Deven was off on a High Adventure trip with the Young Men in our ward so it was easy for my Mom to talk me into flying to California with the kids to visit for the week.  I was especially excited that it was Allison’s first time to the ranch and Cody and Trevor were going to be visiting for a few days as well.
Allison spent her days lounging around the pool, playing the piano, chasing the dog around the ranch, visiting the horses and making messes as any mobile 12 month old would do. 
I had never seen her so excited about eating... or messy.  Thanks for your help Mom.  
This is Tucker the dog.  Allison has been obsessed with dogs ever since.  

 Trenton, having been to the ranch several times before, felt right at home.  He spent his time playing dress up, make believing Slim was the "fastest race horse in California", finding sticks and rocks to play with, having water wars with Grandma, feeding the horses with Grandpa, developing his swimming skills and just being a crazy 2 year old boy.

 Cody has a bubble head!...
 Cody and Trevor were only there for a few days but it was so fun to see them. They are both busy working and figuring out what they are doing for the rest of their life. I guess that is important. They are great brothers and uncles.
Trevor off to sell some more alarm systems...
The Teerlink boys love photo shoots.
 Grandpa Tiger's future ranch hands. 
We can't wait to go back!

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