Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanksgiving at the Teerlink ranch

It was so wonderful to be able to go back "home" where I grew up for Thanksgiving. Things are always changing but there is such a comfort about visiting a place full of childhood memories. I especially love seeing my son exploring the ranch. He was in heaven with all attention he was getting from his grandparents and uncles. He loved the horses, cats, dogs, fire place, go cart, tractor and just being outside.

Trent immediately bonded with his grandpa who took him to feed the horses almost every morning and would build fires with him at night. I have never seen Trent cling to another person like he did with my dad. It was so precious.

Here is Mother Nature after collecting a basket full of tomatoes from her huge garden full of all sorts of mystery foods. She found a nice size pumpkin, watermelon and a variety of squash this year. Every morning Trent and I enjoyed watching hummingbirds fly up to her kitchen window where she keeps their feeder. She also keeps the ranch colorful with flowers and even took some time to teach Trent how to plant them.

Occasionally there were dance parties with the family. These boys are responsible for teaching Trent how to rock out to music... which he certainly knows how to do now.

We unintentionally took a family picture in horse manure. It is just that common around the ranch that you don't even notice it. I considered using this picture for our Christmas card.

Slim is the family horse who, thanks to my "adopted" brother Brent, is getting lots of attention and rode more then he would otherwise. This horse is not for the inexperienced rider, but Deven, Trent and I had a good time with him.

What a good looking pair.

There was not a lack of motorized toys to keep the boys entertained. One of Trent's first two syllable words: tractor.

One request I had was to go out on a date with my man while I knew Trent was in good hands. Deven got the keys to my Dad's 222fun Mustang and we went out to a movie and dinner. Trent didn't even notice we were gone thanks to Brent and my Mom.

I love my family and these California hills.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Halloween... what a peculiar holiday

It is fun looking at our life long traditions of costumes, pumpkins and trick or treating now that I have a child of my own who is experiencing all of this with curious eyes.

Trenton got a pair of pajamas with a monkey on them a few weeks before Halloween, so Deven and Trent began making lots of monkey noises and banging on their chest like gorillas. Deven then thought it only appropriate to dress Trent up in a monkey costume for Halloween. I also frequently refer to him as "Curious George" so we couldn't go wrong with this one.

At the ward "trunk or treat" Halloween party Trent instinctivley knew what to do; walk around looking cute, collecting candy. I threw together a Zoo Keeper costume last minute so I would feel appropriate carrying around my little monkey. Here are a few of Trent's best buddies in their coordinating fussy animal costumes.

Here are a few awesome ladies/friends. Before I met them I thought carmel apples where apples with carmel on them... Oh no... that is only the fist step!

No, this is not Deven's Halloween costume. Unfortunatley he had to be out of town Halloween weekend to attend the first of 2 weekends of Wood Badge Training. Despite his hesitation to go, he had a great experience and met a lot of wonderful people and learned a bit too.

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